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tv   Today  NBC  January 25, 2014 5:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. no end in sight. the relentless cold showing no signs of letting up any time soon as that bitter blast barrels down on millions across the country, and believe it or not, the worst is yet to come. dylan's tracking it all. a sad end. a judge orders a texas hospital to take a pregnant, brain-dead woman off life support in a case that's pitting abortion opponents against the woman's husband. wall street woes. investors taking a deep breath this morning, a day after the dow plunged more than 300 points, capping off its worst week in years. is it the start of a downward trend, and what does it mean for your wallet? and riding high. incredible pictures out of the west coast of two dozen daring surfers put their skills to the test against some of the biggest
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waves they've ever seen. we'll have you hanging ten right alongside them, today, saturday, january 25th, 2014. good morning, and welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill alongside jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. and more cold. we're starting to feel like a broken record. >> i do. >> and you're busy, dylan, at least, which is good. >> and it's crazy to think the worst could still be yet to come, monday, tuesday. >> yeah. >> i mean, the coldest air we've seen in years. >> are we complaining or should we just say, hey, it's january, let's go with it. >> both. >> i think part of it is, it's january. >> and by the way, that surfing thing that seems scary, all we're thinking is, well, it is at the beach. >> looks good right now. >> it was great that we were
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sitting in our meeting yesterday and britney, one of the girls on our staff, said she's from alaska and it's 30 degrees above normal there. >> there. >> and it's warmer in alaska than new york. that's not complaining, just simply stating facts. >> do you want to go there? >> let's go to alaska! >> warm. bring your bathing suit. it is huge, when you look at the map, a huge section of the country gripped by the cold, including texas, where in a rare move, they had to actually break out the snow shovels and ice scrapers in some areas, or in some cases, whatever they could find just to clear the ice off their cars. that doesn't look safe. >> it's a similar scene pretty much everywhere, and while it's milder today, it could be a while before we see a break in this bitter weather. dylan is at the map tracking the cold for us, and as you noted, it is far from over. >> it is far from over, and this is a little colder than we would expect to see in january, so even cold by winter standards. we still have this arctic express, this jet stream that is continuing to just drag down the cold. and even though we are going to
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get a little bit of a reprieve today, as we go into monday and tuesday and wednesday, that's when that arctic air is going to surge right back in here. so, for monday, let's take a look at some of our temperature departures. we're going to top out around 4 below for a high temperature in bismarck, north dakota. that's 25 degrees below normal. we're 34 degrees below normal in minneapolis with a high of 10 below on monday, 1 in chicago. those are your high temperatures. then tuesday, that colder air starts to shift to the east. we're still at 1 in chicago, 7 in cincinnati, but what's interesting is even how cold it's going to be down south. 51 for a high in jacksonville, florida. that is 14 degrees below normal. and then wednesday continues to push eastward. it's very persistent and it's really not going to let up. until perhaps the end of january. erica? >> all right, dylan, thanks. investors, meantime, are hoping the beginning of the week on wall street will start off a lot stronger than the way it closed. the dow taking a major 300-point plunge on friday. cnbc's sarah eisen is following this for us, with us this
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morning. sarah, good morning. >> good morning, erica. there are several reasons for the dow drop. overall, markets had a pretty tough week, and it's making us all watch our own money a little more closely. >> we're certainly getting a slamback sell-off. >> reporter: investors are counting their losses after one of the worst weeks on wall street in more than two years. the dow plunged 318 points friday and was off 3.5% for the week. the s&p was down 2.6%. and the nasdaq 1.7% the past week. making some wonder if this is the start of a correction following strong gains through much of last year. >> the bulls are going to have to do a lot of work to get things back in order. that's some serious damage. >> reporter: what's behind the recent fall? analysts point to concerns over so-called emerging markets, the struggling economies in turkey and argentina, and instability
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in the ukraine. as well as potential trouble in the world's second largest economy, china. add to that disappointing earnings recently from big consumer companies like mcdonald's and best buy. still, some aren't spooked. >> we can pull back a lot more and it wouldn't necessarily derail the track that we're on. >> now, in the week ahead, we'll be watching closely for some key earnings from tech giant apple as well as boeing, facebook and google. traders will also be waiting to see what comes out of a federal reserve meeting tuesday and wednesday. erica? >> all right, sara eisen, thank you. the u.s. state department is issuing a warning for all u.s. citizens traveling overseas to sochi, russia, for the winter olympics, to stay as attentive as possible while in russia at all times. meantime, billions of colladoll are being spent to make the winter games as safe as possible. it's a job that becomes increasingly more difficult as new threats continue to emerge.
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nbc's richard engel has the latest now from sochi. richard, good morning. >> reporter: lester, security concerns have overshadowed the build-up to these games in a way that didn't happen before torino or vancouver, and the question is why. a lot of it comes down to the choice of having the games here in sochi, so close to the north caucasus, where russia's engaged in an active counterinsurgency war fighting islamic extremists. and what's happening in dagestan, the most violent of the north caucasus, according to human rights groups, is that in the build-up to these games, some people, dozens of young men, are simply disappearing. their families say they go out, they go to work, and their sons are simply not coming home. they're being snatched, they claim, by the security services, some of them never seen again. the officials in dagestan we have spoken to deny that they are conducting any illegal abductions in the run-up to the games, but it is all creating a climate of suspicion, a climate of anger, and the concern is
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that anger and fear in dagestan could spill over and impact the games here in sochi. >> all right, richard engel in sochi, thanks. representative adam ship is a member of the house intelligence committee and nbc news counterterrorism analyst michael leiter served as director of the national counterterrorism center both presidents bush and obama. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> thanks for coming on. >> good morning. >> representative shipp, we've heard so much about this 1,500-mile so-called ring of steel that officials have put around the games in sochi. is it impenetrable? >> no, it isn't, and there's nothing the russians can do to make it completely secure, but they certainly seem to be moving heaven and earth to do the best they can. the only shortcoming i would say is they could use more international cooperation. we've offered, i think, to be more helpful than they'll allow us to be, and part of that is they probably don't want to share all the threat information they have with us because of the distrust between our two intelligence agencies. >> yeah, and i want to get to that in a moment, but michael,
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let me ask you about something the state department said during a briefing yesterday. they said it's not unusual for a major event like this to face threats. is that entirely accurate? >> well, lester, it's certainly true that previous olympics and other large international gatherings, there is always an uptick in threat reporting, but it's really a bit misleading to say this is like all of those. the environment, the past history, the frequency of attacks in sochi, all of that mean that no matter how we frame this, it is a much higher threat environment than any olympics we've had in the past, ever. >> representative schiff, i want to turn back to you. let's talk more about the russian/u.s. relationship and the sharing of intelligence and other technical assets. some of the discussion has assumed that the russians don't have the full capability. they are a super power, and the u.s. clearly has its own intelligence capabilities. how does the u.s. make an offer without seeming arrogant here? >> well, it's hard, frankly, because even offers in the best faith are going to be greeted
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with a lot of suspicion by russia. we saw in the fallout of the boston bombing a lot of finger-pointing about who should have given more information to the other. and of course, the whole asylum for snowden hasn't helped relations between our two intelligence communities. at the time, there's a lot that we could do to assist, if they are willing to accept that assistance. i'm not all that sanguine about it, but we have to keep trying. it would be an unmitigated disaster if something were to happen at the games. >> you've obviously had some background briefings and all this. would you send your kids to compete or your family to watch? >> i would, and i've got several athletes from my district who will be going. you know, i think the risks are certainly there, but the risks are manageable. and when put in perspective, probably the most dangerous part about going to the olympic games will be the drive to sochi, and it won't be because of terrorism, it will be because of the usual threats in traffic. >> and i need to ask michael, the u.s. olympic committee recommends that the athletes not wearing olympic clothing outside the venue areas. my understanding, i'm told now,
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is any terror threat has been more generic and not aimed at americans. has something changed here? do you think that's good advice? >> i think it's fine advice. i think it's pretty generic advice for americans when they're traveling. don't call attention to themselves. in many ways, i believe that the terrorists in this region actually would prefer to target russians than they would westerners. and in that sense, i actually think the venues and the areas in and around sochi are much, much safer, not just because of the ring of steel, but because the terrorists don't really want to hit the west, they want to embarrass them. >> i think we all want to get to a point where we can just enjoy the games and the competition and not worry about these sorts of things, but it is the reality. and representative adam schiff, michael leiter, thanks for being part of the discussion this morning. good to have you both. >> thanks, lester. could a plea deal be in the works for nsa leaker edward snowden? earlier this week, the obama administration said it would be open to talking about a deal if and when snowden returned to the united states. kristen welker is in washington this morning with more for us.
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kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, erica. good morning to you. well, look, it doesn't seem as though a plea deal is in the near future for edward snowden. that's in part because his legal team and the u.s. government still seem pretty far apart on several key issues. now, just a little bit of background. this all started on thursday. that's when attorney general eric holder told msnbc's ari melber that prosecutors would be open to a plea deal with snowden and also suggested that in a subsequent interview that snowden would have to return to the u.s. before such a deal could actually be worked out. then a legal adviser for snowden said on friday that a plea deal would need to be worked out before snowden left russia, so big gap there. the snowden team is ultimately seeking clemency from the president, and that's something that attorney general eric holder ruled out this past week. snowden is facing three felony counts for sharing those secret documents about the government's surveillance program with journalists. the president, of course, announced big changes to the
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nsa's program but says the snowden leak harmed national security and that he should, therefore, face justice. snowden's supporters continue to insist he is a whistleblower and not a criminal. erica? >> meantime, kristen, last week three top lawmakers did suggest that snowden may have had help, they are saying possibly from the russians. is there any more information on those allegations? >> reporter: yeah, that has certainly been a big talker this week, erica. i can tell you that edward snowden weighed in on that himself during an interview with "the new yorker." he called those allegations absolutely absurd. he insisted that he acted alone. i can also tell you that nbc is speaking to sources who are familiar with the fbi investigation, say that there's just no indication that snowden had any help. having said that, there is an ongoing investigation with the cia and the fbi, so the broader community, the u.s. government cannot rule out anything until
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those investigations are completed. and of course, all of this comes at a time of tense relations between the u.s. and russia, because they've had major disagreements over issues like syria, gay rights, and of course, edward snowden. erica, back to you. >> kristen welker this morning in washington. kristen, thanks. time now for a look at the rest of the morning's top stories. jenna is here with that. hey, jenna. >> hey, guys. good morning. good morning, everyone. the family of a woman who is brain-dead and pregnant is now waiting for hospital officials in texas to decide what to do next. a judge on friday ordered the hospital remove marlise munoz from life support by 5:00 p.m. monday. munoz was declared brain-dead nearly two months ago. her family has been fighting to have her body released. hospital officials say they are trying to obey a texas law to protect the unborn child, which both sides agree is "not viable." a teenager is behind bars this morning in connection with the fatal shooting of a student at south carolina state university. police charged 19-year-old justin bernard singleton with murder. authorities had said they were
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looking for four men in connection with the shooting but would not say if there is still an active manhunt ongoing this morning. the first face-to-face meeting between syria's government and its opposition looking to overthrow bashar al assad lasted barely a half hour in geneva today. both sides faced each other in silence as protesters against the assad regime made their voices heard. a u.n. mediator outlined the groundwork for talks to lead syria out of a civil war, which has left 130,000 people dead since 2011. george zimmerman could be in legal trouble again, months after he was acquitted of fatally shooting trayvon martin. so, get this, the "associated press" is now telling him to stop selling one of his paintings. the news agency says the painting copies one of its photos of the florida prosecutor who charged zimmerman in a 2012 shooting. the "ap" has centrism sent zimm cease and desist order.
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a man from south africa is celebrating after winning one of california's most massive and dangerous surfing conditions. grant clinched his second mavericks surfing championship title, beating out two dozen competitors at half moon bay. he won $12,000 for risking life and limb and major bragging rights for taking on waves up to five stories tall. the place is amazing. and finally, if you have a 2-year-old at home or a kid who was once 2, or you know someone who might be 2 one day, this video is for you. this is kalison kelly -- >> wow! >> and he is a skateboarding phenom. that's him on the board right there. the video has gone viral. it's causing a lot of oohs and ahhs here in america. he lives in australia. the kid looks like he's still in diapers, but the potty training can wait. he comes from a long line of skateboard enthusiasts. his family says he's been praeg since 6 months old, and he is doing it with much, much ease. >> maybe he can get a diaper endorsement deal for those moves. >> yeah, he did that right
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before his noon nap and 2:00 feeding. >> doesn't have to take a bathroom break, either, when he's doing that. >> exactly. >> unlike the rest of us. >> there you go. jenna, thanks. thanks for that one, lester. >> all right. where were we? >> good visual. with the super bowl just a week away, baseball's spring training fast approaching and hockey getting ready to play some outside games, there's a lot going on in the sports world these days, and as kerry sanders reports, one brave soldier stationed overseas is keeping a very close eye on it all in a very unique way. >> reporter: deployments can be high energy, but more often, soldiers not at war but keeping the peace say their days are tedious. no complaints, of course, but 24-year-old julius porter, u.s. army, still always in harm's way, has found a mental escape. that most american obsession with professional sports has become julius's online passion. >> my daily soldier life is basically filled with thoughts of sports and topics i can put
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into this white canvas when the sun goes down. >> reporter: specialist porter in his off hours is a sports writer. >> 0500 hours, rise and shine. >> reporter: his logblog a mix two worlds. >> no hot water in the shower, cold. a cold, cold world, like jacksonville's season. >> you're smiling, because that is the analogy. you live a very parallel life to what's going on in the sports world, don't you? >> yes. i can compare different things all day. >> reporter: in many ways, porter writes both worlds require teamwork. >> in the army, it's exactly the same way. you can't do anything without your brothers and sisters behind you. >> reporter: his wife back in ft. hood, texas, gave birth to their first child recently. he's yet to meet julius jr., who he says he knows will be a lions fan. and while his wife, daniella, says she's not a sports fan, she reads every word her husband writes. >> when i read the articles, i can actually hear him saying those words he's writing down. >> reporter: it's not easy for a native of detroit deployed in uniform to ask his favorite
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sports team's president a question, but then again, it's not impossible. >> tom, do you think we'll be able to draft sammy watkins, and how do you think he will fit in our organization? >> well, julius, you know, there are a lot of talented players out there. the key for us now is coach caldwell on board, is to make sure that we have that right road map. >> reporter: julius porter, a soldier blogging about sports battles from a real battlefield. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. a flock of 9-month-old whooping cranes will spend the next few months in florida after making the trip south from wisconsin. >> they were guided there not by their parents but by ultralight aircraft. it's all part of an operation run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are determined to rescue the endangered species. it's not your typical bird call. but for eight young whooping cranes hatched in captivity, the sound of that engine clearly signals one thing, it's time to
5:19 am
fly. >> it starts out when they're still in the egg. we play a recording of the aircraft engines. >> reporter: all part of an effort to create an environment that's as natural as possible for these birds, who must migrate south but don't have a parent to show them the way. joe duff is co-founder of "operation migration," a non-profit that uses ultralight aircraft to help these endangered birds learn to soar. >> we start by just running up and down the runway with the birds. at some point, the penny drops and they realize they can fly. >> reporter: once comfortable in the sky, the ultralights guide the cranes on a planned migration route from wisconsin to florida. >> by showing them the route, same as their parents did, it works. they come back on their own. >> reporter: duff and his volunteers don't want the birds to be comfortable around humans, so they wear these white suits to hide any trace of the person underneath, and they never speak around the birds, exposing them only to the sounds of nature, and of course, to the ultralight.
5:20 am
when the endangered species act was signed 40 years ago, there were less than 50 whooping cranes in the wild. they now number almost 400. how many of those birds are a direct result of your efforts? >> well, the whooping crane partnership has about 100 birds now migrating between wisconsin and florida. >> reporter: the population is still fragile, threatened by both natural predators, including black flies, and by humans. two adult cranes trained by "operation migration" were shot in kentucky at the end of november. both birds died. a $15,000 reward was just announced for any information about the shooting. all of these threats are a major concern for duff, who stresses, the efforts to save these birds reach far beyond the cranes. >> whooping cranes inhabit wetlands, and wetlands are a critical ecosystem for people. they absorb water when we have a flood, they hold water when we have a drought, they purify heavy metals and pollution. >> reporter: three months and over 1,000 miles later, the
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journey followed closely online by people around the world, duff and his team arrived safely in florida. true success, however, comes when these birds make their way back to wisconsin where their journey began. >> you get close to this. i mean, that's proof of our work. >> reporter: work that has truly become a labor of love. joe duff also told me, this is really important to him, the day we were there was his daughter's 14th birthday, and he said i want my daughter to see these birds and i want them to be around for her, too. >> such a beautiful story, lovely. we're going to let dylan come in from the cold now to check the rest of the country's forecast. >> only for a little while. >> only for a little bit, and if there's a place to be, it's out west where high pressure is in control. it's very warm, but very dry, still terrible conditions for that fire threat out in parts of california, where there is really no rain in sight. temperatures will remain about 15 to up to 20 degrees above average. fresno at 76 degrees for a high today. elsewhere, though, we are going
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to see those snow showers with the clipper system moving into the northeast, and we are warm again in texas, despite some ice yesterday. we're back into the 60s today. that's a look good morning. 5:22 the time right now. we're talking about clear conditions once you wake up. we aren't going to see any fog today. once we see the afternoon highs temperatures today will warm back into the 70s. in fact, afternoon highs will be back in record-setting territory back into the 70s in our inland valleys. close to 70 in san francisco and just a few high passing clouds with plenty of sunshine otherwise. have a good saturday. >> and that is your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thanks. thanks and still to come. >> what was that? it's early. anyway, we'll tell you about a sperm donor who just wanted to try to help a couple have a baby, now finds himself paying child support. how did this happen?
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we'll get into that. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ one of our favorite signs of the day, "keep calm and shiver." still to come on "today," heart disease is the number one killer of women. you've probably heard that, but do you know what you can do to keep your heart strong? >> plus, iphones, blackberry or no [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature.
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nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good saturday morning looking live at the bay bridge there camera bouncing around just a bit. breezy at least in that spot. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. anthony slaughter has a hook at the weekend forecast. is that just an anomaly or is it breezy? >> the breeze kicked in and it will be with us through the midafternoon and then the offshore winds will 66 in and temperatures will warm again. no fog to talk about, 40s and 50s across the board. and day time highs will warm back into the 70s. in fact, we'll see afternoon highs in record-setting territory places like livermore, san jose, very close to setting
5:27 am
new records today. fills for our inland valleys. even very close to that in san francisco, 68, maybe a light jacket, but otherwise just a few high passing clouds and leave you with this we have to spare the air once again, and we'll have more details on our air quality issues coming up at 7:00 this morning. new details this morning a benicia elementary schoolteacher is under arrest, she faces three counts of poisoning after police arrested her for lacing food with marijuana. teresa badger seen here in this mug shot is a first grade teacher at matthew turner elementary school on rose drive. she was taken into custody at her home on friday after a two-monthlong investigation. authorities say it started november 21st when about 20 people most of them teachers attended a potluck at a home in benicia. at least one person was rushed to a hospital and people say a 15-year-old got sick after eating leftovers from that party. badger is in solano county jail
5:28 am
on $15,000 jail. a pleasanton man died after trying to pull a man off the railroad tracks. on monday shultz was at the santa clara station when he saw a man down on the caltrain tracks. he tried to pull the man off the tracks by laying on his stomach and reaching out to him as the train came toward them. shultz died. the man he was trying to help survived. phillips' wife emily said her actions define the man she met at santa clara university so many years ago. he worked at the computer graphics company invidia. the flu death toll continues to rise and 31 reported deaths appear in the bay area. yesterday health officials report two more in santa clara county and one more person dead of the flu in alameda county. across california nearly 100 people have died from the flu this season alone and that
5:29 am
number could climb because dozen of cases are still under investigation. california department of public health says 20% of those who died even got the flu shot and stressed that it is still the best defense. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" the waves, they were high as they were fast. we'll introduce you to the 41-year-old surfer who conquered the wild waves. we'll show you how much money he got for this life-risking ride. that and all the day's news coming up at 7:00.
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♪ was the perfect day we are back on a saturday morning. it's january 25th, 2014. some lovely folks braving the temperatures out there. it's the middle of winter. we know it's winter. we know winter is cold. >> you say deal with it? >> but this cold. >> the skin -- >> she's giving us room to complain. >> yeah. >> i feel like if the meteorologist says it's exceptionally cold, then we're allowed. >> i say 50 degrees is cold, too, though, so i don't know if you can go by my -- >> the barometer is like here. anyway, coming up in this half hour, what do you carry? i carry one of these. you carry -- look at this. >> i carry both. >> i carry two. >> blackberry. what you, i guess the phone that you carry says a lot about you. and jenna tweeted out this picture. it got a lot of people talking because there was only one blackberry in the group.
5:31 am
>> that's right, represent. taking one for the team. i'm okay with it. >> that got us talking about what our phones say about us. are we hip and modern and cool, or maybe not? so, we're going to talk about that, coming un. >> throw me right under the bus, lester holt. plus, we have important heart health news for women. it's not just the chocolate and red wine that can be good for your heart, although we all enjoy those fun facts, right? but there are other things you should be drinking that could really help keep your heart strong, so we'll tell you about that. later on, one person described it as being in a washing machine and you can't get out. we'll go to a surfing competition where the world's best are risking it all to catch some monster waves. we begin this half hour, though, a interesting case in texas which has gotten national attention. a man was a sperm donor and now may be forced to pay child support, despite the fact that he says he waved his parental rights before he had the children. >> reporter: for william merata,
5:32 am
the message is simple. >> no good deed goes unpunished. >> reporter: the deed, help this gay couple have a child by being the sperm donor. the problem is the state of kansas demanding reimbursement of child support parents, to a couple of a 5-year-old girl, despite that they signed a contract agreeing he would not have any parental responsibilities. >> never intended for him to financially support her. >> reporter: but this week, a kansas judge ruled against merotta, insisting he broke a law "because the parties did not provide the donor sperm to a licensed physician. the donor, therefore, can be determined to be the father of the child." according to court documents, the child's mother, jennifer schweiner, had filed for benefits, indicating the father was an anonymous sperm donor. questioned further, she submitted the contract and the state fined him. it's a conservative state where same-sex marriages are banned. >> it seems they have a point to
5:33 am
prove now. >> reporter: but some legal experts say that point is money. >> the idea is the state of kansas shouldn't be paying support if there is a person who is legally obligated to pay support. >> reporter: one reason some families choose not to use a physician is the cost, several thousand dollars per treatment. in this case, the court noted marotta's contract had been downloaded from the internet and that he "did not seek any legal advice during the process." >> i think he's got a problem legally. fairly, i think fairly, you know, he probably got something he didn't deserve, but that's why you get the ounce of prevention. >> reporter: marotts says he'll appeal with a lawyer all the way to the kansas supreme court. ron allen, nbc news, new york. >> such an interesting case. let's get a check now of the weather from dylan, who is back outside on the plaza. it's still cold, huh? >> it is cold, but you know what? this crowd is keeping us warm. we want to make sure we get everybody in this morning, because they are troopers being out here since the start of the
5:34 am
show. so, it's a half hour standing outside in the cold, but we are going to see some snow showers in this area later today, so it's good that they're here now. you don't want to stand out in the cold and the snow. we've got most of our snow right now back through the great lakes, where we are going to see some enhancement from the great lakes, producing up to perhaps a foot of snow in some areas. it's even snowing down in kentucky right now. these are those clipper systems that raced through the area. they're in, they dump some snow and then move right back out. we will see snow later this evening in new york city. then the next storm system moves in, bringing more snow to chicago as we go into tonight and into the day on sunday. but what along the shores of lake erie and lake ontario, even back through michigan, we will see perhaps 6 to 12 inches of snow when you get that wind coming in over the water there. elsewhere, we should see a quick 1 to 3 i good morning, 5:34 the time right now. clear conditions once you wake up temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now for the most part. we don't have any fog to talk
5:35 am
about you can see from the emeryville cam pointed towards san francisco, so we will see a very bright day and that will set the pace for more record-setting territory. afternoon highs today return back into the 70s in our inland valleys, close to 70 in san francisco and, again, we do have the spare the air for today. have a good saturday. and real soon i'm going to be allowed back in. back to you, lester. >> and i'm waving. i was in the back of your shot. all right, dylan. thanks very much. want to turn now to the latest on former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, who are facing federal bribery charges. prosecutors accuse the couple of taking bribes from a businessman who was allegedly looking for help from the state. kristen welker is in washington now to tell us more about this. kristen, good morning, again. >> reporter: lester, good morning, again, to you. the mcdonnells are free and won't have another court date until july. and while the details of their case may be salacious, legal analysts say prosecutors actually have a tough case to prove.
5:36 am
holding hands and walking briskly past supporters, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wifaced a district judg friday. the former first couple pleaded not guilty to charges they accepted thousands of dollars in loans and gifts from virginia businessman johnny williams, who ran a struggling company, star scientific, and who, according to prosecutors, was looking for the state's help in promoting his line of dietary supplements. >> the power of this case, the ka pow, if you will, is the eye-popping amount, the laundry list of goodies. >> reporter: prosecutors say that list includes a rolex watch, inscribed "71st governor of virginia" that mrs. mcdonnell allegedly requested as a gift for her husband, a private vacation at a multimillion dollar lake house in virginia, and, upon request from mrs. mcdonnell, a ferrari to drive for the weekend. prosecutors say there was also a new york shopping spree for the governor's wife, where the
5:37 am
businessman spent thousands at oscar de la renta, luis vuitton and bergdorf goodman. prosecutors also say she persuaded the businessman to give the mcdonnells a $50,000 loan and to pay $15,000 for catering at their daughter's wedding. mcdonnell says he has repaid the loans with interest and returned many of the items, and this week pronounced his innocence. >> mr. williams and his company never received any government benefits of any kind for me or from my administration. >> reporter: legal analysts say prosecutors have a tough case to prove. >> the hard part for the government in any white-collar prosecution is that they have to prove a corrupt intent, and they have to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: now, the businessman, johnny williams, is not facing any charges at this point. if convicted, the mcdonnells could face decades in prison and fines of over $1 million. critical analysts say no matter what the legal outcome, this is
5:38 am
just a stunning fall from grace. you'll remember mcdonnell was once considered as a possible contender for the 2016 presidential race. lester, back to you. >> all right, kristen. thank you. just ahead, important news for women when it comes to keeping your heart strong and healthy. and a little bit later, a bit of a makeover for nutrition labels on the back of all your packaged food. first, though, these messages. [ male announcer ] walgreens understands being at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i should've looked some more." ♪ that's why walgreens makes it easy to save even more on your medicare part d prescriptions. ♪ just stop on by and leave all the legwork to us. switch to walgreens today where you could save with copays as low as zero dollars on select medicare part d plans. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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5:41 am
with information every woman needs to know about her heart in today's health. heart disease is the number one killer of women but it's not always a woman's number one priority. she is a cardiologist who work with the american heart association. sasha is the health and feature's editor at women's health magazine. nice to have you with us this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> we put out a poll or survey to find out how much women know about their heart health. >> absolutely. >> some of these results were a little surprising. i'll have you run us through some of these. a good amount of women are informed about heart disease. >> i wouldn't say quite informed but they want to care about protecting their heart. that's when we found the majority of women say, yes, i'm aware but that's where it stops and many of them are clueless about how to protect their
5:42 am
heart. about the heart health factors they should know about. for example, 70% of the women in our survey weren't quite clear on cholesterol and didn't know the ends and outs. 50% were confused about how much sodium they should be having to live a heart healthy life style. >> what is the correct number on sodium? >> 1500 milligrams or less. >> or less. >> per day. >> hopefully less. >> we got one of those cleared up. 90% of us have a risk factor for heart disease. a lot of times it's a familiar history. is that something we can overcome? >> that's the great news about heart disease but more of us know it's the number one killer of women. but 80% of heart disease is preventable. that's the great news. >> which is great news. especially for women in their 40s and 50s. in our 20s we think we're invincible but 40s and 50s there's a lot we can do to improve our heart health. physical activity we hear a lot
5:43 am
about. 30 to 40 minutes? >> 30 to 40 minutes but the good news is it takes small steps that you incorporate into your daily life and those can have a huge impact on your heart health. >> other steps like making wise food choices, whole grains or whole foods, sleeping more. i feel like every other day we hear about the benefits of sleep. >> the magic number is 6 to 8 hours and every woman thinks she's too busy to get that time in but it's important to make it part of your life. >> i'm surprised at this one, in managing your stress noise can be a big factor. >> absolutely. studies show that noise pollution which a lot of people don't even think about, especially if you live in a city, can actually cause your body to sort of amp up your stress level and that, in turn, stresses out your heart. so if you live in a big city, if you live near an airport, get some ear plugs, try to have quite time worked into your day. >> regular heart checks are also important starting in your 20s, every five years. >> it's never too early. the abnormalities in our blood
5:44 am
vessels can start as early as our 20s. so the go red for women campaign is wonderful in reminding us that even in your 20s it's important to get heart check ups. >> you can do that with your regular doctor. red wine and dark chocolate are good for our heart. i love those. what are two other things? >> tea, green or black. great for improving artery function and happy hour but one drink. >> happy hour within limits. >> so nice to have you both here. thanks for partnering with us on this. we had a good time with that. we'll have more. up next, are you an iphone lover? maybe you're a blackberry fan? your answer could say a lot about your personality. we'll tell you what after these messages. and to also surprise them. when you come across someone that feels it the same way you do that's when you get that connection.
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let's get down to it. let's make your home feel like this and make you feel like this. let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now pergo highland hickory $2.49 a square foot. ♪ here at "today," we like to share a little bit of behind-the-scenes fun with you guys from time to time. >> that, we do. the four of us are pretty active on social media, also pretty active on our phones, so when jenna tweeted out a picture last week during a commercial break, it got a lot of people talking. >> that's my cue. speaking of talking, i'm going to start doing that right now. hey, guys. so, this is a picture i tweeted out. we put all our cell phones on the desk and took a picture of it, said "what do you mean we have too many cell phones between us?" well, that started a twitter conversation. turns out, people are pretty vocal about the phone they use, and that got us thinking.
5:48 am
it was a weekend tweet that ignited a conversation in twitt twittersphere. what do you mean we have too many cell phones between us? the picture, four iphones and a blackberry. the comments came pouring in immediately. "who is old school with the blackberry?" "omg, a blackberry? they still exist?" they do, and that one belongs to our very own erica hill. >> all right, so, i have both. no, it's not because i have a hard time making decisions, it's because they both serve a purpose. this is my personal phone and this is my work phone. and let me tell you, when it's cold outside, this keyboard really comes in handy, because even if i have texting gloves, if i can't feel my fingers, they don't work. >> reporter: with so much talk about our devices, it got me thinking, what do our phones really say about us? according to, if you've got an iphone likeliester, like dylan, like mua, you are probably the creative type. a blackberry?
5:49 am
[ clearing throat ] erica. you want to be taken seriously by your peers. >> "people" magazine's here. >> uh, thanks. >> reporter: if the android tickles your fancy, apparently, you scoff at those who only use their phones for making calls and text messaging. you probably grew up a total nerd. their words, not mine. now, there's more than one opinion on the matter. >> i think it's increasingly hard to judge somebody by their phone these days. historically, the iphone user has been somebody who is a little more creative, somebody who's a little style-conscious and somebody who wants to get the newest apps first. android user's probably a little more adventurous. blackberry users are certainly all about work. it really is a person who's focused on messaging, e-mail and not much else. >> all right, so, we are constantly moving forward with technology. i thought on this very chilly saturday, we would take a move back. bam! do you remember this? >> yeah. >> this is like the "saved by
5:50 am
the bell" years. this thing weighs about 37 pounds. you held it up here, and there's no doubt, things were going through your head, some kind of waves or something. but this was all the rage. do you remember when this was, like, the cat's meow? >> gordon gekko. >> we have come a very long way, guys. >> my favorite phone, i used to have that motorola startack? >> the startack! >> whoa, come back, come back. >> that's not the startack. >> but i had one of those to go along with my iphone so i could do like data stuff here and -- >> i liked the razr for a while, the motorola razr. >> yeah, that's nice. but that's what i do with both, you call or you search on this one and call on this one. >> but i have two iphones for that. >> i do, too. i left one upstairs. >> people make fun of me, but -- >> it means you're doubly cool. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> or doubly creative. >> this is one's old, though, so i have to upgrade. >> we'll get calls complaining, noniphone users. coming up, what's next for
5:51 am
justin bieber after his arrest this week. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ laughing ] want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piña colada yoplait.
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nice mild start to the day as we look at the bay bridge from our camera in emeryville. not as breezy from this vantage point as from the shot in san francisco. thank you for joining us, i'm kris sanchez, along with anthony slaughter. >> good morning. we are waking up to clear skies and a little bit breezy and the breeze will continue today, it's an offshore wind so we'll warm very quickly. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. we're in the 50s and 40s for the most part. afternoon highs are going to warm into record-setting territory. back into the 70s. really like we've been seeing all week long. today will be the warmer day of the weekend. as you'll notice the temperatures again in the inland valleys in the 70s and close to 70 in san francisco, details on
5:57 am
a cooler day for tomorrow coming up at 7:00. see you then. >> new details this morning in the benicia elementary schoolteacher who is under arrest facing three counts of poisoning after serving up food laced with marijuana police say. teresa badger seen here in her mug shot is a first grade teacher at matthew turner elementary school on rose drive in benicia, she was taken into custody after a two month long investigation. the investigation started nove 21st when 20 people most of them teachers attended a potluck at a home in benicia. at least one person was rushed to the hospital and police say a 15-year-old also got sick after eating leftovers from that party. badger is in the solano county jail on $15,000 bond. a pleasanton man died trying to pull another man off the railroad tracks in santa clara. in monday shultz was at the santa clara station when he saw
5:58 am
a man down on the caltrain tracks police say, and he tried to pull him off the tracks by laying on his stomach and reaching out to him as the train came toward him. shultz died but the man that he was trying to help survived. and his wife said it defines the man she met at santa clara university so many years ago. the flu death toll continues to rise here in the bay area. now there are a total of 31 reported deaths. yesterday health officials reported two more deaths in santa clara county and one more in alameda county. across california nearly 100 people have died from the flu this season. and that number could climb because dozens of cases are still under investigation. the california department of public health says 20% of those who died even had flu shots. they do stress that it is still your best defense. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" the waves were high and they were fast.
5:59 am
we'll introduce you to the 41-year-old surfer who conquered the wild waves of mavericks. we'll show you how much money he got for the trouble. that and all of the day's news coming up for you at 7:00. right now here's a bit more of the "today" show. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪
6:00 am
♪ good morning, it's saturday, january 25th, 2014. here's a look at today's top stories. a sad end, a judge in texas making the final decision on a brain-dead, pregnant woman who's been lying in a hospital bed for nearly two months. the judge has ordered hospital who's been keeping her alive against her husband's wishes to take her off life support. travel washing. a new alert from the state department for u.s. citizens going to russia to be on the lookout for anything suspicious and to stay extra vigilant while overseas. and surf's up. talk about an adrenaline rush as two dozen brave souls ride high on some of california's biggest waves, and all it takes is a little luck and a whole lot of courage.
6:01 am
i'm lester holt, good morning. >> and i'm erica hill. yeah, a whole lot of courage for the waves, and some skills. >> they know what they're doing. >> five stories high. it's not only that. if you know the mavericks, underground, it's all rocky, and you have to navigate your way. it's not just -- the waves are insane, but you have to navigate your way where you're going, not to mention there's a lot of people in the water. >> yeah. >> surfers coming through! >> dangerous conditions. also ahead, troubled singer justin bieber all smiles when he left miami last night just two days after being charged with dui and drag racing. what is necessary for the pop star? we'll take a look at that. also ahead, if you've ever been confused by the nutrition labels on the back of the foods you eat, help is soon on the way. but we want to begin this half hour with an emotional conclusion to a case to a case that raised a lot of questions about end-of-life care. a judge has ordered a hospital to take a brain-dead woman off a
6:02 am
ventilator. >> reporter: today, one family's heartbreaking legal battle appears over. marlise munoz's husband said she fell in late november with an apparent blood clot, and doctors told him she was brain dead, but she was 14 weeks pregnant, and because of that, doctors refused to disconnect the ventilate earp. her husband, eric, wrote, i have had to endure the pain of watching my wife's dead body be treepted as if she were alive. >> it's very clear in this case that she has explicitly stated that she does not want to have this done, and the family concurs. >> reporter: the hospital's lawyers argued they were complying with a texas law that prohibits withdrawing lifesaving treatment from a pregnant patient. >> we're not about making law, we're not about contesting law. >> reporter: with munoz now 22 weeks pregnant, on friday, her family asked a court to step in,
6:03 am
and the judge ruled in their favor, saying the state's law did not apply in this case, because munoz is dead. at least 31 states have similar statutes. >> while this case brings closure for one family, it does not answer the larger question of whether states can insist that life support be continued for a pregnant woman even though she has no hope of recovery. >> reporter: hours before the hearing, the hospital publicly acknowledged that the fetus is not viable, but in ft. worth, the case prompted vigils by opponents of abortion. >> praying that the decision of the court, the decision of the family is in the best interests of the child. >> reporter: in a case that was truly a matter of life and death -- >> we are relieved that eric munoz can now move forward with the process of burying his wife. >> reporter: the judge has ordered the hospital to take munoz off her ventilator by monday afternoon. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta.
6:04 am
turning now to business news. the stock market had a tough week to put it mildly. the dow closing down more than 300 points on friday. cnbc's sarahizen is here to walk us through what this means. good morning. >> good morning. it was a brutal week for wall street. on friday, the dow closed down more than 300 points. on the week, it lost more than 3.5%. but put it in perspective, because it has certainly been running strong. last year, we know was a strong year. the dow closed up 26%. so the question is, is this the week, a start of something more scary, a correction perhaps? interestingly enough, some of the reasons behind the declines come from outside the united states. investors are concerned about china, for one, the world's second-biggest economy starting to slow down from that super fast economic growth that we'd been seeing. they're also concerned about places like argentina and ukraine, places that have their own unique economic and political problems, but are
6:05 am
growing concerned for the global economy and for all of wall street. and you can add to that some disappointing earnings from big consumer companies like mcdonald's, for one. a lot of the retailers struggled with the holiday season. best buy earnings not such a bright spot. the question is, will this get worse in the next week? there are a lot of key earnings to keep an eye on. apple reports. google will be reporting, and there's a federal reserve meeting that a lot of traders will be watching very closely starting on tuesday with an announcement on wednesday, erica. >> all right. we'll be looking at that, along with following you on cnbc. thanks. you're waking up to more of the same, cold, cold, and more cold, at least in most parts of the country, it seems. and believe it or not, it will get worse before it gets better. because she's the bearer of bad news, we sent dylan outside for the cold forecast. hey, dylan. >> hey, lester. i'm realizing that people are bringing straight-up blankets now out here.
6:06 am
you're from myrtle beach. >> it's fine. i have the blanket! >> it's good that you pack a blanket. it's that cold. the snowflakes are starting to fly, although it will take later on this evening before we see accumulation. but what is going on? it is even cold by winter's standards. it's all because of this jet stream that is dipping so far to the south. now, today is a reprieve. we should get in the 30s in new york city. texas should get back into the 60s. as we go into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, it's another one of the surges of arctic air with high temperatures well below zero. in minneapolis, the high is only going to be 10 degrees below zero. 1 in chicago. 1 in indianapolis. so we are looking at temperatures about 25 to 35 degrees below normal. so even for this time of year, this exceptionally cold. that 20 below zero temperature extends down into tallahassee, florida, with a high of 48 degrees on tuesday. and then, it continues to just linger as we go into wednesday. highs all down in the southeast should be in the 30s and 40s.
6:07 am
we'll only be in the 20s in the northeast. so the cold is going to stick around, and there really is no change to the pattern. so get the blankets and bring whatever you need. erica in. >> all right, dylan, thanks. the united states is talking specifically to olympic athletes and fans traveling to russia for the winter games. the u.s. state department saying citizens should be around of their surroundings at all times. new threats to russia continuing to come to light. richard engel has the latest for us this morning from sochi. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. security concerns have overshadowed the buildup to these games in a way that didn't happen before turino and the sochi games are rapidly becoming the terrorist games. at least three alerts issued on the internet, and five suspected
6:08 am
suicide bombers missing. sochi, a former soviet retreat by the black sea, has become a guarded fortress. arriving in sochi is just the start of a journey through the security bubble. once you have your bags and leave the airport, you have to pass through at least four different checkpoints before you're actually sitting in a seat watching any sports. so you better hope your team wins. [ sirens ] sochi is tightly protected, but the threat doesn't come from here. it comes from less than 1,000 miles away, from dagestan, a muslim republic with an old independent streak. and a growing problem of its la -- islamic extremism. russian special forces conduct counterterrorism raids here and maybe more. in the run-up to the olympics, young muslim men in dagestan have been disappearing, and according to human rights groups, subjected to horrific
6:09 am
abuse. >> what happens is once someone is abducted in an abduction-style detention, the individual is tortured, and i would emphasize once again, torture is not about exceptions. it's not about individual cases of torture that we encounter here and there. essentially, torture is the rule as far as counterinsurgency. >> reporter: these women's sons are all missing. they accuse president putin of sending them to the gulag. "they beat my son brutally right in front of people," she said, "and threw him in the trunk of a car like he was a ram." russia has been fighting in the caucuses for centuries, and now the olympics have been pulled into the middle of it. russian counterterrorism operations in dagestan and other parts of the north caucuses do eliminate some islamic extremists. but they also create more of them. erica? >> richard engel in sochi. thank you.
6:10 am
time for a look at the rest of the morning's top stories. jenna is back with you. >> good morning, everyone. unrest continues in egypt today as explosions and gunfire erupt in cairo, this as the violent demonstrations are held across the country to mark the third around ver third anniversary of the uprising that toppled mubarak. the attacks come a day after four explosions targeting police in the capital killed six people. rescue crews in quebec resume their frigid search this morning for up to 30 people still missing. that after a fire ripped through the retirement home. at least eight people are dead. workers are using steam to melt thick sheets of ice coating the rubble. investigators are still tryi ii to determine what sparked the flames. seahawks' richard sherman is paying for what the nfl is calling unsportsmanlike conduct. he was fined $7,575 for
6:11 am
unnecessarily taunting his opponent as they called it in the final minutes of the nfc championship game against san francisco. he was flagged after making the choking sign, a gesture toward the 49ers quarterback. new york nymknicks fans hav something to be happy about. carmelo scored 62 points friday night. no, you don't understand. no, he himself scored 62. just him alone. making it the highest-scoring game in the history of madison square garden. oh, by the way, knicks sink the bobcats, 124-96, to stop a five-game losing streak. and who says news can't be a slow jam? former massachusetts governor and former republican presidential candidate mitt romney appeared with jimmy fallon. he took a few jabs at obama but also a few jabs at himself.
6:12 am
>> -- a lot of candidates for 2016 and i'll be supporting the republican nominee 100%. >> don't you mean 47%? >> that's a low blow, but it's pretty funny. >> i had to do it. >> nobody gets the laugh more than jimmy. the late-night appearance came the same day the documentary "mitt" was released, which i think is a tall coincidence. >> oh, yeah. >> awesome. >> slow down. >> that's how you slow jam the news, baby. >> mitt stands corrected, apparently. >> jenna, thanks. lester, thank you. dylan, follow that. >> what did you say? i can't hear out here, it's so cold. >> so cold and windy. >> are you still out there? >> i am. i snuck inside for a couple of minutes. everybody is hanging out. we do have one anniversary. where are you from? >> los angeles. >> los angeles. trading in record heat for almost record cold. we have a birthday. we want to get in the
6:13 am
anniversaries and birthdays. where are you from? >> philadelphia. >> philadelphia, nice. it's just as cold there, too. we are going to see some improvements in areas like texas today. 66 degrees after where we did see some ice yesterday. we also had some icing and even some snow in louisiana. today, moat of the snow is going to move out of the great lakes and into the northeast. we could see a quick inch here, and then tomorrow, another clipper system moves into minneapolis and chicago, where you will see about 3 to 6 inches of snow. good morning. we're waking up to clear skies acro across the board, temperatures in the 40s. your hour by hour forecast, skills in the south bay by lunchtime with a few passing clouds. the san francisco mid-60s by lunchtime. a mex of mid to upper 60s. near 70 in our inland valley like the north bay, east bay and tri-valley and a few high and passing clouds for today.
6:14 am
>> and that is your latest forecast, . and everything in between. it becomes so important into what we eat and what we feed our families that the fda's ready to make some big changes to them. they are the nutritional labels on all our favorite foods, and now they're getting a new look with what the food and drug administration hopes will be easier-to-read information. >> let's take a look at how the label is now. nutrition facts, followed by serving size, tells you that. now, when you come to vitamins and minerals you need, a lot of that may not be necessary, because there's almost nothing in a lot of products. >> the sweeping change that many
6:15 am
believe is long overdue. >> reporter: it was 1993 when the fda first introduced food labels, spelling out exactly how much sugar, fat and everything else we were consuming. but while our diet changed, the labels didn't. the fda says, "there is now a shift to focus on calories to help consumers construct healthy diets." >> the hope with the new label is that the calories per serving will be prominently displayed right at the top, so you know from the start what a serving is. >> reporter: while the fda won't say when the new labels will hit store shelves or what exactly the changes will be, consumers should find out in the next few months. >> the fda is going to release these recommendations end of ma. everyone will have an opportunity to decide, do they like these changes, because it is a work in progress. >> reporter: according to the usda, 42% of working-age adults read the label always or most of the time. older adults use it 57% of the
6:16 am
time. but it's not, of course, a guaranteed recipe for success. >> easy-to-understand nutrition label is the first step. getting more people to use it is really the goal. >> now, we've all done it, we've stopped and looked at the labels, and we think we're about to eat something that's healthy, but then we realize that's only per serving size, and we sit there and try to do the math of how many actual servings we are consuming. yeah, a lot. >> i applaud the change, because it does get confusing sometimes. >> yeah, so, the hope is to try to make it a little more simple for people to read when they do pick up that box. >> i'll take it because i once ate aen tire thing i thought was low in calories and i ate three servings. >> it turned out to be like 1,300 calories. >> it turned out to be like 1,400, because it was like three servings. still to come, super bowl sunday on a saturday? we'll explain why that's a slight possibility, but listen, we'll talk about it after these as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
6:17 am
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6:19 am
of the delicious chocolate taste that only hershey's can deliver. with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. ♪ let's talk a little bit about the super bowl. the super bowl sunday, it's carved in granite, right? >> yes, it is. >> apparently, well -- well, it's not carved in granite, right? >> no, i was surprised to learn this weekend, and i know a lot of people have been talking about it, so, dylan, a 60% chance of snow on super bowl sunday? >> if i had to make a forecast now, i'd call for rain. >> rain? okay. >> that would be warm. >> yesterday it looked like snow. so let's not -- >> yeah, groundhog day, fitting for this winter. >> look at the rules now. >> so the rules are, and we talked about the super cold green bay game, the nfl doesn't cancel for, what, jenna? >> anything except lightning
6:20 am
really. >> anything except lightning, but can you -- you can move the game -- >> or push it to the following weekend, in an extreme case. or they could just play the game in warm weather and not have to worry about this at all. >> but here's the -- but remember the green bay game a few weeks ago, and it was minus 1,000 out there? >> right. >> were you there. >> you were there. but they don't have the concert. the super bowl is more than a football game. >> it is an event. >> it is. >> it is about everything else. >> you're right. and it's going to take place outside of the venue, the activities, and all of the different things -- >> my money it will be super bowl sunday no matter what. >> i think you're right. >> i will put erica's blackberry up. >> oh, wait. still ahead, will the arrested teen pop star justin bieber affect his career?
6:21 am
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6:26 am
good morning to you looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. look how clear it is, you can see lom all the way across this morning. not a lot of traffic. thanks a lot for joining us, i'm kris sanchez, along with meteorologist anthony slaughter with a forecast that seems to be mild. >> it is mild even for january standards. we're talking about temperatures by the afternoon in the 70s which is 20 degrees above average. we're in the 40s and 50s. we've got clear skies outside and afternoon highs will be very comfortable, 70s across the board. san francisco the exception, 68 degrees there. your hour by hour forecast does tell that story in the south bay, mid-60s by lunchtime and same for the peninsula and even san francisco will be very warm. we'll see a good amount of cloud
6:27 am
cover today with the southwest flow. but overall, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. not too bad for this time of year. we'll have details on a cooler sunday coming up at 7:00. >> all right, thank you, anthony. new details on a benicia elementary schoolteacher who is under arrest facing three counts of poisoning after police say she laced food with marijuana. she's a first grade teacher at matthew turner elementary school in benicia. she was taken into cud on friday after a two month long investigation. authorities say it started november 21st when 20 people attended a potluck at a home in benicia. at least one person was rushed to the hospital and police say a 15-year-old also got sick after eating some leftovers from that party. badger is in the solano county jail on $15,000 bail. a pleasanton man died while trying to pull another man off the railroad tracks in santa clara. on monday shultz was -- phillip
6:28 am
shultz was at the santa clara station when he saw a man down on the caltrain tracks. he tried to pull the man off the tracks by laying on his stomach and reaching out to him as the train came toward them. shultz died but the man he was trying to help did survive. phillip's wife emily said her husband's actions define the man that she met at santa clara university so many years ago. he worked at the santa clara based computer graphics company invidia. palo alto police need your help in tracking down three home invasion suspects. take a look at the police sketch. they say this man and two others terrorized an elderly couple and then robbed them on thursday morning. investigators say the men forced their way into the home in palo alto's downtown north neighborhood. police say one of those men had a gun. the husband and wife were forced to the floor while the crooks ransacked their homes for valuables. the couple was shaken. but fortunately was not hurt. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" we're going
6:29 am
to take you out to mavericks where the waves were high and fast. and we'll introduce you to the 41-year-old surfer who conquered those wild waves and we'll tell you how much money he got for the trouble. that and all the day's news coming up for you at 7:00. right now here's the rest of the "today" show.
6:30 am
♪ jump, for my love, jump in rise and shine, everybody! >> we came all the way from sunny myrtle beach, south carolina. >> to be on the "today" show! whoo! >> we got up bright and early to be on the "today" show! >> want to say hi to our kids at home. hey, guys, we're on the "today" show! >> how about that? some nice friends out there on the plaza. this is a nice picture you're seeing of new york city from the top of the rocks. looks warm with that beautiful sky in the background. it's not. >> pink sky in the morning. pink sky in the morning. >> don't you love the pointer sisters? >> i love pointer sisters. >> love the pointer sisters! >> i love the jumping of the crowd, by the way, very well
6:31 am
choreographed, joelle garguilo. still ahead this half hour, boy, what a week it's been for justin bieber. >> yes, it is! >> we'll look and see whether or not his music career may be in trouble after his recent troubles with the law. then, music's best and brightest will come together tomorrow for the grammy awards, and there could be a couple of surprise acts joining us on stage. we'll get into that in our look at this week's hollywood headlines. and we've been talking about it all morning. talk about a surfer's dream. imagine tackling this 40 to 50-foot wave, and only the surfing world's best can attempt them. it's invite only, and that is the exact reason why. and for those who like different hobbies, we're talking tie dyeing, crocheting and more. all of these things help make up the multibillion dollar industry of crafting. we're checking out one of the world's biggest craft fairs, and wait until you see some of the items we've come up with. >> looking forward to that. first, though, we want to get a final check of the weather from dylan. and the good news is, after much protest from everyone here in the studio, dylan was allowed to
6:32 am
stay inside and bring some friends. i did not want to go back outside, so we brought everyone in here. and you know, there was only a few of you, so welcome inside! and now your signs don't really make that much sense because you're not shivering anymore. so, this is good. >> nice to have you! >> thank you, guys! >> but welcome to the orange room and welcome inside, where everyone wants to be today, because it is so cold out here. but we've also got some snow showers. a few flurries so far in new york city, but we also have some snow filling in through parts of kentucky, through parts of ohio, moving into the western areas like northwestern pennsylvania and western new york. it's this first clipper system. by 5:00, we should be seeing it snowing pretty good in parts of new england, and then this second storm system redevelops as we go into minneapolis and chicago tomorrow morning, into tomorrow afternoon. that one's also going to produce some more accumulating snow, especially right off the great lakes. because of this northwest wind, that lake-effect enhancement to
6:33 am
the snow will produce perhaps as much as 9 to 12 inches in erie, pennsylvania, also in parts of southwestern michigan, and we are looking for 3 to 6 inches elsewhere, just with these quick clipper systems that move good morning. 6:33ed time. we're talking about bright air. and across the south bay low 70s and the peninsula right in near 70 degrees in bowl mont and palo alto 71 and san francisco while it won't be overly warm, still very comfortable, mid to upper 60s there. we'll see a good amount of cloud cover by the afternoon hours but overall the north bay, east bay and tri-valley all expecting a good mix of upper 60s to low 70s. have a great saturday. and for "today's top spot," we are heading down south to an area just outside of atlanta. this comes from our affiliate wxia. it's the 20th annual great american motorcycle show in
6:34 am
norcross, georgia. this is really a biker's dream, with an area that spans more than three football fields full of foreign and domestic motorcycles. paul toodle of orange county choppers will also be on hand to meet fans and sign their autograph. i know that's something my dad would love to go to. that's "today's top spot." >> thank you, dylan. now the latest for teen singer justin bieber. the pop star left miami last night, waving to his fans who were camped out hoping to see him after his arrest earlier this week. that arrest after this alleged drag racing incident was caught on surveillance video. what will bieber do now? here's nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: at the house on miami beach that justin bieber rented for his florida vacation, curious fans joined photographers hoping for a glimpse of the 19-year-old pop star. teenage girls threw notes over a fence to bieber's security detail, hoping he'd get the messages.
6:35 am
>> oh, my god, justin just got pulled over. >> reporter: following bieber's arrest thursday on charges of dui, resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired license, his ticket shows the result of his breathalyzer test, a 0.014 blood alcohol level, way below the legal limit of 0.08. >> mr. bieber, you are charged with the following. >> reporter: but police say bieber admitted to consuming more than just alcohol. >> during the investigation, mr. bieber made a statement that he had consumed some alcohol and that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication. ♪ if i was your boyfriend, never let you go ♪ >> reporter: the canadian singer-songwriter who was discovered from videos posted on youtube burst on the scene at age 15, quickly becoming an international teenage heartthrob. in an interview with telemundo, actor zac efron who was also a teen star, stood up for bieber. >> i feel bad for the ghuy general, you know. he seems like a nice guy, and i
6:36 am
wish everybody would cut him some slack. >> justin, how are you doing? >> reporter: bieber has been visiting florida with his father. the two seen walking in south beach wednesday afternoon. around 4:00 the next morning, bieber was stopped for allegedly drag racing in a residential neighborhood with a friend. police say bieber was uncooperative and cursed at the officers. a question raised now is how might this affect his career? >> he may not be a good example, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to impact his fans. people were still lining up to see him when he left jail. >> reporter: for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami beach. and now here's erica. >> lester, thanks. for two dozen surfers in california, the conditions on friday couldn't have been better. massive waves, huge winds, everything needed for an annual surfing competition that is as exhilarating as it is dangerous. miguel almaguer has more now on the mavericks invitational and some of the best waves that have been seen in years. >> they're not doing this, getting famous and rich. they're out here because of pure
6:37 am
passion. >> reporter: for 24 of the world's top surfers -- >> that was an incredible air drop. >> reporter: -- this was something special. >> dangerous, gnarly, intimidating. >> fun. >> where'd that come into play? >> reporter: the mavericks invitational in california's half moon bay brings out not just the best, but the fearless. >> mavericks is one of the gnarliest waves in the world, and throw in some of the worst winds you could have and, man, there's some spectacular wipeouts. >> reporter: the epic surf competition did not disappoint. >> what? >> absolutely insane, you guys! that wave is huge. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a perfectly timed winter storm in the pacific generated monstrous, record-size swells, 40 to 50-foot waves. >> it's like being in a washing machine that you can't get out of. >> reporter: mavericks used to be dubbed the competition where men rode a mountain. this is one of the world's most perilous surfing spots. two big wave riders have been killed here. >> we've been hammering the same point all day long, safety,
6:38 am
safety, safety. >> reporter: everyone knows the next wave could be the last. >> that was an unbelievable wipeout. >> reporter: flying down a 50-foot wall of water could shatter bones if the ride isn't perfect. >> that looks like healy just got eaten. >> reporter: just packed in one of these waves can be treacherous. the swell can suck you under to the ocean floor, but for seasoned surfers, this is the payoff. >> unbelievable ride here. a 10-point, a huge set wave there. >> reporter: south africa's grant "twiggy" baker, took home a second victory at maverick. >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> reporter: he wins $12,000, but it's the ride of a lifetime he'll always remember. with "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> wow. up next, a power couple riding a wave of success in the music business. is there anything beyonce and jay z can't do? that's all ahead in our "hollywood headlines," after this.
6:39 am
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[ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. [ squirrel ] it's pepto to-go. ♪ from some big performances expected at the grammys to the most powerful couple in music, we're covering a lot this morning in "today's hollywood headlines." >> and lola is here to take us through it all. good morning. >> good morning! >> nice to see you. we always look for surprises at the grammys. one of the rumored ones is that madonna will perform. >> madonna is indeed performing. >> indeed performing, okay. >> it was confirmed last night, so yeah, lady madge will be in the house. i expect her to address the recent controversy with her using the "n" word. she instagramed a photo of her son, said that "n" word.
6:42 am
she said it was a term of endearment. the public didn't agree. expect her performance to have some political undertones. >> is she going to sing with someone else or solo? >> i think she's performing solo. imagine is a solo act, unless it's, of course, sir paul mccartney, who's also in the house. >> it will be interesting to see. i'm guessing jay z and beyonce will be on hand. they just had another honor bestowed upon them by billboard. they are now officially, according to billboard, a power music custom, so there's not much they can do. >> they are indeed the king and queen of music officially. billboard put them on top of their power 100 list. there is nothing they can't do. last year, hit tours for both of them, hit albums for both of them, and they both single handedly redefined how you release an album. jay z gave his away free to samsung users and beyonce decided to keep the best-kept secret ever and release it one night in late december, no publicity, no one knew it was
6:43 am
coming, just bam, dropped the mike, beyonce. >> so, they've done it all, so what else is left for them to do? >> well, i predict they'll have another child, because they're both loving miss blue ivy and they said they want her to have a sibling. and i also think they'll get into more philanthropic work. expect them to be the bill and melinda gates of hip-hop one day. let's talk about jonah hill, up for an oscar nomination, but "the wolf of wall street" performance, while almost oscar-worthy, did it for almost nothing in hollywood terms, $60,000, while others would get millions. >> and to put that in perspective, $60,000 for a few months, for mere mortals, that is great. >> but in hollywood terms. >> that's peanuts. leonardo dicaprio made $10 million for his work in "the wolf of wall street." so, $60,000 is peanuts. but the adage, short-term sacrifice, long-term gain proved to be true here. he not only got a nomination, but he got to work with his
6:44 am
idol, scorsesie, and he's set to be working again with him in the future, so a win-win for jonah. >> and he's at "snl" hosting tonight. >> he will kill it. awesome last week and jonah hysterical, great comedic timing. >> they're having a great season. they really are. >> you know it will be great when lester holt hosts. >> yeah, well -- >> yes, we're working on that one. >> he's going to slow jam the news. >> slow jam, there you go. lola, always nice to see you. thank you. >> good to see you, too. up next, roll up your sleeves. why arts and crafts aren't just for kids anymore. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need.
6:45 am
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6:46 am
♪ baby, i just wonna dance our friends in the orange room. we are back with a look at a creative industry that is no longer just for kids. >> you may put on arts and crafts for your little ones, or maybe you remember making projects when you were younger, but these days, a lot of adults are taking part, as joelle garguilo found out.
6:47 am
>> yeah, guys. i had no idea just how big of an industry this is. it's a $30 billion industry just here in the u.s. that's huge! >> crazy. >> crazy! but as i found out at the annual arts and crafts expo in anaheim, california, crafting -- ooh, excuse me -- requires a whole lot of patience and some skill, too. ♪ crafting, the activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand. an art form having a major moment in the spotlight. 62.5 million people got in on crafting last year, making up a $30 billion industry. >> it was a lot of crafting going on. this is the crafting hobby association's largest trade show, the biggest global event for creativity and crafting. we have 8,000 attendees, over 400 exhibitors showing you the newest and latest. >> reporter: among them, one noncrafter, yep, that's me.
6:48 am
but how much crafting can one do? gorgeous. oh, let us count the ways, from jewelry-making -- and now i've got a necklace. i found this sweet. to father's favorite stick-all. >> so cool! >> reporter: and knitting that leaves needles behind. >> pull it through. >> reporter: okay. >> grab. >> reporter: grab. >> pull. >> reporter: just hanging with my hand-knitting homies over here. what do you think about this? >> i think it looks like the swamp thing. >> reporter: oh, is that a knitting term? >> you look kind of amazing! >> reporter: i think i love it. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: there are projects that get you messy, some that give you hope. i hope this banner of hope brings hope to other people. and ones that leave you wanting more. i have not been picking up on everything so well today. something tells me i'm going to be a pro at this. why craft? according to a recent study, the
6:49 am
top reasons include relaxation, a feeling of personal accomplishment and a creative outlet. after a day of education, it came down to this, the real test of my inner craftista. and this is what you call a masterpiece. because art truly is in the eyes of the beholder. i think that picture was fabulous, don't you guys think so? >> i think it was fabulous. it was an interesting topic of discussion in our meeting yesterday. >> well, i didn't come back empty-handed. >> oh, hey! >> i made you guys some things. lester, i think this would look wonderful on you. >> yeah, if the '60s come back, that's going to be great. >> we started doing friday workouts as a team, lesser. there you go. >> i can wear it to our next workout. >> and i made you these socks. >> i will wear these for the next workout, if you wear that. >> and for jenna and dylan. and the cool thing is this. >> oh, i want that! >> you do? >> did you really use your arms
6:50 am
to knit this? >> i did, the woman told me it looked like the swamp thing, but apparently, that's a positive term. >> it's cold outside. i'll take whatever i can get. swamp thing works. >> but in all honeshonesty, wi b websites like pinterest. >> that looks fun. i know people who knit because it gives them an outlet. >> these relieved a lot of stress. >> i feel like i'm back at summer camp. >> go with all the bright orange and green shoes that are out there. >> exactly. i'm keeping this one, though jrvesion that is you. i'm not surprised you did well with the bedazzler. thank you. >> thanks, guys. up next, it's a new take on an old classic. the oreo cookie being modeled by some of our friends in the plaza over there in the orange room. two brand new flavors to try. but first, these messages. i'm randy, and i quit smoking with chantix.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
♪ jenna is complaining about the freezing. all right. >> oh, what a gentleman. >> it's breakfast time. >> my legs are cold. >> no, you're on your own. it's breakfast, not exactly time for milk and cookies -- >> sure, it is. >> but when we heard oreo was coming out with two new flavors, we had to try them. >> they have cookie dough, peanut blue and marshmallow crispy. they'll be available in grocery stores in just a week, but you know what? we have them here for breakfast this morning. >> you're a dipper? >> oh, i'm a dipper, yeah. >> i've got to hold it in for six or seven seconds. i have a whole technique. >> okay. >> oh, i like that! >> what's not to like? >> it almost tastes coffeeish. >> more like caramel, maybe. >> i like it. >> we'll have to do the other test, then. >> got to cleanse your palate,
6:55 am
first. >> you do the old -- >> we're just going to let you know how it is when we eat cookies. >> all right, let's see. this is marshmallow crispy. looks like there are bits of crispies in this. >> i like that they're getting creative. oreo has been oreo for a long time. >> they have limited edition colors during the holidays, but this tastes the same. >> this really tastes like a marshmallow crispy. >> i like it. >> all right, well, there we go! >> that's that. two thumbs up. >> i actually like them -- >> that's it for us on a saturday morning. >> we're going to double stuff, do you think? >> what's that mean? >> that's a little too much. >> leave it to me to give that suggestion. tomorrow, scrabble
6:56 am
coming up next, putting the pot in potluck, why police arrested a local first grade teacher for allegedly poisoning her co-workers. and the shocking wake-up call in an east bay neighborhood. what happened after a car crashed into not one but two homes as the residents slept inside. then paying for protection, the controversial plan to put more police on south bay streets. today in the bay starts in two minutes.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. it is saturday, and here's what we can see from our san bruno mountain camera, a little bit of haze in the distance as we gaze lovingly on the city by the bay. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter and it seems pretty clear at least farther south what is that kind of smudgy picture?
7:00 am
>> we have to spare the air for today, kris, in fact, you just saw the hazy air setting the stage for unhealthy levels across the bay area from the north bay and east bay and towards the south bay as well. right now as we take a look outside, from every vantage point we have high, thin clouds outside and this is a southwesterly push that we're seeing even though it will be warm today we'll deal with the high thin clouds as they drift throughout during the day. temperatures by lunchtime in the mid-60s across the south bay. close to 70 by 5:00 and same across parts of the peninsula and over towards san francisco. that's where we'll see temperatures in the mid-60s, again, as we head towards the evening hours and even across north bay, east bay and trivalley. mid to upper 60s by lunch and in the lower 70s by this afternoon and it does put us in record-setting territory. we'll talk more about the records and what that means as


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